Recognize Signs You Begin Hunger

When getting hungry, not only feels rumbling stomach. There are other signs that may not be aware that you are hungry and need to eat.

Here's the full review, as reported Thedailymeal, Monday (12/01/2014).

Check the wallet

When you check the pocket (money) as much as two times or more and think about whether enough to buy snacks, this means you are getting hungry and need to eat.

Recognize Signs You Begin Hunger
Hunger. Doc. Thedailymeal


You hungry while waiting for someone, and was disappointed he came without bringing any food. You're feeling hungry and hoping that someone brought food.

Taking other people's food

If you take other people's snacks without feeling uncomfortable or guilty, it indicates that you are getting hungry.

Favorite food

When he was gone and see there favorite food vendors, without thinking you directly buy expensive though. This shows that you are hungry and want to eat something.

Things beyond expectations

Experiencing something unexpected and unprecedented lifetime, you stunned long enough. This is where you should eat. At the very least, you eat something, it could dampen the moment and no negative effects.
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