5 Foundation Exercise Treadmill

Treadmills are a favorite of beginners who are interested in the sport started in the fitness center.Anyone can use it without the need for special expertise. However, it would be a shame you a lifetime if you slip or even bounce of this tool in front of the other gym users, is not it? There are some guidelines that still need to consider when using it. The following guidelines for the use of your treadmill specifically for the beginner, in order to exercise more effective, fun, and of course ... safe.

1. Know your equipment 

first step in order to practice running smoothly is you have to know the type of equipment you use.Therefore, before you start using it, you should have a clear knowledge of the working system and the function of the tool. Do not hesitate to ask for help to the trainer or people who are accustomed to using a treadmill to give you an example when walking on it. This is especially true if you have never used it at all.

Runner treadmill for beginners

2. Heating 

Heating is the basic thing you should do when they want to do an exercise program, including treadmill. Before you walk on it, you should get the cardiovascular system and the muscles of the body ready for exercise. How, can by doing brisk walking, especially in the morning when the body needs sunlight. After a quick walk, you can stretch your leg muscles slowly. It will help you at the start of the actual exercise.

3. Note the step 

One of the most important elements that you should know before walking on a treadmill is a look at how to step. Walking on a treadmill is not the same as running in general. Walking on a treadmill gives you the opportunity to assess yourself whether you are doing is correct or not. For simplicity, use a mirror to see the reflection of the feet while walking on a treadmill. Alternatively, you can also make video recording practice sessions and analyze it. You can also ask for help trainers or runners are more experts to analyze your step.

4. Adjust the gradient 

Set the treadmill in a position to climb by 1-3 percent can increase the activity of the pelvic and thigh muscle strength back so that would make the muscles stronger, burn more calories and improve stamina.

5. Make your workouts more fun 

One of the main reasons many people are lazy exercise treadmill is the boredom factor. You can prevent the boredom by listening to music, watching TV is available in the gym, changing schedules and exercise programs, or enjoy the beauty of the gym ladies who happened to be around you.
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Pol Espargaro Bring Positive atmosphere for Yamaha Tech 3

Boss Monster Yamaha Tech 3 team, Herve Poncharal, feel confident that the rider Pol Espargaro had a positive impact on his team.Poncharal admitted lucky to get a rider who replaced Cal Cruthlow it.

Espargaro also managed to make the Tech 3 satellite team back into the best.The Spaniard is ranked sixth success in MotoGP in 2014, and won Rookie of the Year .

yamaha tech 3
Pol Espargaro bring positive atmosphere. (Photo: Toru Hanai / Reuters)

"Pol amazing figure out the track and very charming. When he arrived in our team, everything just feels good. He immediately became a part of our team until it seems we've been working together for a long time," said Poncharal toMotoGP.com , Saturday (31 / 1/2015).

"He brings a positive atmosphere in our team, I am very grateful to him. But of course the ultimate goal is to perform well on the track," he concluded.
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Sculpture Sixpack - Powerlifter Tactics

Muscles strong midsection is important when you are lifting weights. If you want to lift heavier than usual, - be it while doing batch bench press, squat, or deadlift - you need a solid core muscles to stabilize the spine. Your abdominal muscles have to work hard to keep your back arched not excessive. 

In short, for lifting heavy loads, you need a strong stomach muscles. Meanwhile, the heavy lifting, you will stimulate the production of hormones larger muscle builder. It is a tremendous advantage. "The extra two pounds of muscle will make your body burn extra calories as much as 60 calories per day, without doing any activity," said Bobby Ferdian, Personal Trainer Manager of Elite Club Epicentrum.

Sculpture Sixpack

Maximize the results : Perform drag and thrust session pelvic muscles to strengthen your abdominal muscles. Employ your core muscles harder to combine exercise "pull" as Romanian deadlift with exercise "push" like good morning. 

Practicing with a combined manner as it would shift the burden of the pressure distribution in the abdominal and lower back muscles, forcing you to continue to keep the torso remains straight during practice.
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Sixpack Stomach in Two Steps

If your stomach began to bulge, it's time to hone the sharp edge of the sword two fat trimmer - stacking immediately exercise and diet program.

Generating a fat-burning machine

you have to activate fat-burning machine in your body with exercise at least 3-4 times a week with a duration of 40-60 minutes each time you exercise. You also need to pay attention to the intensity of your exercise. The easiest way to check if you have maximal exercise is to check the pulse. How: Calculate the maximum heart rate by the formula: 220 - age = number of beats / menit. To the targeting pulse after exercise is 80% of maximum heart rate. If it has not reached the number of pulse sport means you have not reached the point of maximum intensity. For example, you currently 30 years old, then your maximum heart rate is 220-30 = 190 beats / min. That means the target intensity of your exercise is to reach 152 beats / min or 80% of your maximum heart rate.

Sixpack Stomach

Set the food supply

principle of a healthy diet is that you eat as much as you need. So if your daily calorie requirement is about 2000kkal then you should only eat some of it. For your total daily calorie needs within 5 feeding schedule. "We recommend that you calculate the number of calories you eat and the amount of calories expended. In principle, if you want to grow chubby and skinny, should increase physical activity and reduce food intake so that the number of calories in and out to minus 100-200 calories / day, "said suggestions Doctor Fiastuti Witjaksana, MSc, Ms, SpGK , clinical nutritionist of RS. Cipto Mangunkusumo.
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Really Male Age 40 Years Vulnerable Premature Ejaculation?

Men adults over the age of 40 years often experience premature ejaculation problems. Why is that?

Disclosed Professor Dr. Doug Lording from Melbourne's Cabrini Hospital, the age of men, will more often experience erectile dysfunction due to a variety of underlying factors.

That factor is the condition of one's energy body weakened, which also affects the sexual life. Moreover, the decline in male vitality, health penis until the problem is not harmonious family relationships.

Premature Ejaculation

However, there are other ideas expressed in this study. To avoid this problem, since young men are often advised to have sex with a regular partner (wife). Or a vaccine to prevent premature ejaculation that exist only in western countries.

Unfortunately, the statement was not based on solid scientific evidence.But, Lording said, there is something in it that since active young sex, order to avoid premature ejaculation.

"I think having sex since the young active can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction in the elderly. However, to assure him that it takes a strong scientific evidence," Lording said, as quoted by ABC , Friday (22/01/2015).
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Preparation The Doctor Face Marquez in MotoGP 2015

Movistar Yamaha rider, Valentino Rossi, admitted now more vigorous physical exercise in the gym to face the MotoGP Marc Marquez in 2015. For Rossi, stamina and fitness so important factor to be able to compete with its rivals.

Although on paper became the most successful driver with seven-time MotoGP world champion, but the appearance of Rossi still inconsistent. He is far from able to compete with Marquez, and practically only fight for second place alongside Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Perdrosa.
the doctor

"Now, I train in the gym 65 percent and 35 percent above the motor. I have to pay attention to every detail in order to be the best, because that is the only way to beat Marc," said Rossi told La Gazzetta dello Sport , Friday (23/1 / 2015).

The Doctor also gives the opinion that it is too early to talk about his chances earned world's 10th season. According to him, he must observe the level of Marquez, Lorenzo and Pedrosa first.

"It's too early to talk about it, but with the results of last year, I still hope to be better, more competitive and win more races. I want to do everything, but I have to look at the level of Marc, Jorge and Dani," he concluded.
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Proper Stretching, Safe Sports

To avoid injury to joints when moving or exercising, then you need stretching. Stretching is the activity of skeletal muscle flexing to reduce muscle stiffness or increase the elasticity (flexibility) so that the skeletal muscles are ready to do the movements of physical exercise (muscle contraction) that more and more quickly.

Stretching there are two types, namely static stretching and dynamic stretching or ballistic. Static stretching is stretching is done by flexing the muscles of the movement order and hold for a few seconds. Dynamic or ballistic stretching is stretching is done by repeating the muscle strain or bounce the movement for several times.

Then, when and at what time of exercise static stretching and dynamic stretching performed static stretch is commonly performed in all kinds of sports or physical exercise, both cardiorespiratory exercise ( endurance , aerobic exercise), exercise resistance (strength training and muscle endurance or strength training), training balance and coordination, such as exercise walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, aerobics, to form a game like tennis, golf, soccer, futsal, badminton, and basketball. 


While dynamic or ballistic stretching is usually done if we want to do a lot of physical exercise there is a ballistic movement or strain-strain muscles in a very short or sudden and with a relatively large force. Usually this type of exercise is a form of physical exercise game. It is nevertheless advisable to perform static stretching before a dynamic, because the risk of injury due to dynamic or ballistic stretching is greater than the static.

Static stretching can be done by standing with your feet together. Bend over so that the fingers touch the floor. Maintain this posture without moving ( static ) for 20-30 seconds. Or standing with legs wide open. Bend over so that both hands resting on the floor. Maintain this position for 20-30 seconds.

While dynamic stretching can be divided into several sections. For neck and shoulders above-backs keeping my head down and looked up (like bending the neck to the chest to chin almost touching then looked up face upwards) which is done by bending the neck twice and 2 times looked up, as much as 2 times 8 count

Dynamic stretches for the shoulder area is by twisting the shoulder (with elbows bent and hands holding a peak shoulder) to the front as much as 8 times and then to the back as well with the same count. Or arms spread body (shoulders 90 degrees to the body) then wiggle the arm backward, and be dynamic stretches for the shoulder and chest muscles.

Examples of dynamic stretching exercises pelvic muscles and buttocks is by swinging the leg to the front-rear or side of the left-right (straight knee joint position). For stretching exercises the abdominal muscles and the back is the bending movement and straight back up a bit extensions to the rear of the body that is done repeatedly. This movement is not recommended if you have a problem in the spine or obese individuals. Dynamic Stretching the calf muscles are repeatedly tiptoe movement.

Still, be careful when you stretch. Stretching is too extreme can cause pain, muscle or connective tissue signs 2 bone has occurred tear. In dynamic or ballistic stretching, injury can occur if the movement stretch-stretch the muscles too fast with excessive joint range of motion (overstretching). Contributors: dr. Vishnu Rachmat Hidayat, Sp.KO, sports medicine specialists from Premier Clinique, Jakarta.
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Salty food enthusiasts Easier Dizziness

Too often eat salty food was not good for the body. The reason, you are more susceptible to headaches or dizziness.

A recent study conducted by the Welch Center for Prevention, Epidemiology and Clinical Research at Johns Hopkins revealed adverse effects, if you consume too much salt.

Reported Zeenews , Thursday (01/22/2015), a person who ate about three grams of salt a day, or just half a teaspoon, third times, avoid headaches than those who consume up to nine grams a day.

Salty food enthusiasts Easier Dizziness
Foreign food enthusiasts easier dizziness (Photo: Livestrong)

The study involved 400 respondents who were sent to eat salty foods approximately nine grams a day, and then lowered to six grams a day, and last fall to three grams.

Then, the researchers noted differences in adverse events were each respondent. Findings, the respondents experience side effects such as headaches, bloating, dry mouth, thirst, fatigue until nausea.

"Another way for a person to avoid the headache is only by reducing salt intake," said Director of the Welch Center for Prevention, Epidemiology and Clinical Research at Johns Hopkins, Lawrence Appel, MD, MPH.
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After Miss Universe, Gabriela Isler take care focus Early Pregnancy

Gabrile Isler will immediately remove the crown as Miss Universe.Girl from Venezuela that apparently will focus on social activities related to issues of early pregnancy.

For Gabriela Isler, became Miss Universe gave him a million valuable experience. During that time he was also involved in various humanitarian missions. Therefore, although no longer served as Miss Universe , Gabriela ready to continue such activities.

After Miss Universe, Gabriela Isler take care focus Early Pregnancy
Gabriela Isler will focus on issues of early pregnancy (Photo: Reuters)

"I want to continue with a lot of things related to humanity. I also want to be a speaker for different organizations," he said, as reported by Assosiated Press, Wednesday (01/21/2015).

Furthermore, Gabriela themselves also want to be one of inspiration for all women in the country. Inspiration especially in increasing self-awareness of teen pregnancy is rampant in Venezuela.

"I want to start with his own foundation in Venezuela that could help create awareness and education and family values ​​to the young girl," he concluded.
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Oregon Duck Contemplating Victory The Delayed

Thomas Tyner sat in front of his locker in a sleeveless Nike undershirt with a white Oregon cap pulled low over his forehead. His eye black was smeared in dark streaks across his face, and he wiggled his knees while fielding questions from a small circle of reporters. Outside, perhaps a few hundred yards away, Ohio State was celebrating a 42-20 victory and its first national title since 2002. But the Ducks back was here, discussing how it felt to be second best.

“It’s tough and disappointing,” Tyner said. “But this team is something special. It’s a brotherhood. Everyone saw it. The way we didn’t stop playing. The hunger in us.”

Before we get into specifics, let’s make something perfectly clear: Despite losing on Monday night, Oregon has nothing to be ashamed of. After falling to Arizona 31-24 on Oct. 2, the Ducks ripped off nine consecutive wins, including victories in the Pac-12 title game and the Rose Bowl. They overcame a virtual avalanche of injuries -- to linemen Jake Fisher and Tyler Johnstone, to pass-catchers Pharaoh Brown and Devon Allen, to cornerback Ifo Ekpre-Olomu and countless other stars -- and accomplished more than any other Oregon team has. They were good, possibly even great, but not quite great enough. And now their best chance to capture a national championship may have come and gone.

Oregon Duck Contemplating Victory The Delayed

During the course of the last decade, Oregon has continually defied the odds. It rose from the middle of the Pac-10 to the forefront of college football, with its brand and tempo invoking fear from Tempe to Tallahassee. It shed disparaging labels along the way:Too soft. Style over substance. Will never be able to replace Chip Kelly.In 2014, the Ducks even produced the runaway Heisman Trophy winner, star quarterback Marcus Mariota, who regularly made defenders look as foolish as someone trying to swat a fly with a toothpick. 

Yet in Arlington it still wasn’t enough. Oregon came up one game short of a national title for the second time in five seasons. So, the program is left to wonder: If not now, when?

“It is tough to see us lose, especially for these older guys,” freshman wide receiverCharles Nelson said. “They’ve been here for a couple years and just to see their faces and their reactions to this is just sad.”

Everything began so promising Monday night. The Ducks flew out of the gates, using 11 plays to travel 75 yards for a touchdown in less than three minutes. They forced Ohio State to punt a few minutes later and soon pinned the Buckeyes within their own five-yard line. But then Oregon began to waddle. Ohio State drove 97 yards for a touchdown. Then it scored again and stuffed Oregon on a fourth-and-goal from just shy of the goal line. Then Ezekiel Elliott turned into a scarlet-and-gray version of the Incredible Hulk and manhandled the Ducks again and again, until their hopes were dashed and he had 246 yards with four touchdowns.

There were plenty of times Oregon couldn’t stop Ohio State -- on third-and-eight, fourth-and-two, third-and-nine and third-and-12 -- that ultimately proved costly. There were two dropped passes, by Nelson and Dwayne Stanford, which could’ve extended drives and changed the tenor of the game. But the takeaway is Oregon had its chance, maybe its best chance, and failed to take advantage. Now it will have to get to this point another time, which is far from certain. There will be questions, and lots of them.

Chief among those: How will the Ducks replace Mariota, assuming he declares for the 2015 NFL draft, where he is projected as a top-five pick? How will they replace center Hroniss Grasu, or linebacker Tony Washington, or Ekpre-Olomu? How will they respond to coming oh-so-close -- like they have so many times in the past -- but not attaining their goal?

Maybe those are the right questions, and maybe not. But they’ll continue to be asked, since Ohio State is the champ and Oregon’s window has gotten smaller.

Could the labels come back? Yes, though these Ducks aren’t sweating them.

“We’re not soft,” Stanford said. “We’re a physical team. Today Ohio State was the better team. But I think that soft word can be put to bed as far as Oregon goes.”

Could the West Coast power continue unimpeded? Yes, but that won’t be easy.

“Everything is in place from a support standpoint and facilities standpoint and infrastructure standpoint,” head coach Mark Helfrich said. “Our coaching is outstanding, and the leadership is outstanding. That’s kind of all the ingredients.”

Should this team be proud of everything it accomplished over the last five months, even though the season ended on a bitter note? Absolutely.

“We just kept proving people wrong all season long, and we came one short,” Grasu said. “We’re not gonna hang our heads at all. This season has been an unbelievable season.”

But another year has passed, and Oregon was in the biggest, ritziest stadium in the nation with transcendence in its reach and couldn’t grasp it. Rather, it’s left to ponder the two most haunting words in the English language: What if?

In a few days, the focus will turn to recruiting, and National Signing Day, and the next step for the Ducks’ program. Then will come spring, and the quest to make the College Football Playoff will begin anew. But on Monday night, Oregon was forced to sit a few hundred yards from glory, with one eye to the past and one to future.

“Don’t give up on us, even though we lost,” Tyner said. “We’ll be back.”

Source : SI
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Edward Snowden: Avoid Dropbox, Facebook and Google

Whistleblowers US intelligence agencies (NSA), Edward Snowden, back to talk about the threats that lurk violation of privacy of Internet users. This time he suggested for those users who are concerned about privacy rights to avoid the use of services provided by Dropbox, Facebook and Google.

The statement he catapult the event Yorker Festival. On that occasion Snowden spoke to the audience via web cam from a hidden place. He explained that the issue of protection of privacy on the internet is the responsibilities of government policy.

Snowden believes that government policy reform is the only way to be freed from the obligation of service providers 'leaking' personal information of users. The government should not have the right to ask the leaked information from service providers, including on Dropbox, Facebook, and Google.

Edward Snowden: Avoid Dropbox, Facebook and Google

"We should be able to create a program that is untouched secret government. If not, you certainly know the reach of government power and how they can use it well," said Snowden.

Responding to the statement Snowden, Dropbox through their official bolg confirmed that it never cooperate with the government in terms of users' personal information leakage.

"All the files are stored and retrieved via the Dropbox service is encrypted, both when sent from the customer, as well as those sent from our server. Including when they are 'resting' on our servers," Dropbox wrote on their official blog, as reported by Techcrunch page Thursday (06/11/2014).

Previously Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and many other technology companies have also been told that they are not cooperating with relevant government apaupun 'leakage' users' personal data.

Even technology companies are too busy to protest at NSA for allegedly secretly spy on their services.
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Recognize Signs You Begin Hunger

When getting hungry, not only feels rumbling stomach. There are other signs that may not be aware that you are hungry and need to eat.

Here's the full review, as reported Thedailymeal, Monday (12/01/2014).

Check the wallet

When you check the pocket (money) as much as two times or more and think about whether enough to buy snacks, this means you are getting hungry and need to eat.

Recognize Signs You Begin Hunger
Hunger. Doc. Thedailymeal


You hungry while waiting for someone, and was disappointed he came without bringing any food. You're feeling hungry and hoping that someone brought food.

Taking other people's food

If you take other people's snacks without feeling uncomfortable or guilty, it indicates that you are getting hungry.

Favorite food

When he was gone and see there favorite food vendors, without thinking you directly buy expensive though. This shows that you are hungry and want to eat something.

Things beyond expectations

Experiencing something unexpected and unprecedented lifetime, you stunned long enough. This is where you should eat. At the very least, you eat something, it could dampen the moment and no negative effects.
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Natural Ways to Remove Warts

Warts appear as a result of a small thickening on the skin surface caused by common infections of human papillomavirus (HPV). Although generally harmless warts on the skin, sometimes it makes uncomfortable.

Some chemical drugs on the market can help lift the wart who live in certain parts of your body. However, you can also get rid of them in a natural way, as reported by the Healthcareasia, Monday (01/12/2015).

Warts. Doc. Wikimedia

Drinking green tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants that will boost the immune system. When the immune system is strong, it will most likely be able to fight HPV infection. So, try drinking green tea regularly.


Sliced fresh garlic in half and rub only on the surface of the wart. Without garlic, put a bandage on it and leave overnight. In the morning, wash the area immediately surrounding the wart. Do this every day. By itself, the wart will fall off.

Red onion

It is great, especially for hard warts crushed. You can put a fresh red onion that has been pounded on the wart and leave to dry. Clean up naturally in the bath. Keep in mind, make sure you do not use it on the face.
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Nadal Wins First Trophy

Former world number one, Rafael Nadal , managed to come out as a winner in Qatar Exxonmobil Open 2015, as well as a first notch this year. But he is not alone lift the championship trophy, but together with Argentine tennis player Juan Monaco.

Down in the doubles, Nadal and Monaco unstoppable. Even in the quarterfinals they beat Novak Djokovic paired with Filip Krajinovic with 6-3 and 7-5. While at the top of the party, the Spanish-Argentine duo defeated Austrian duo Julian Knowle / Philipp Oswald 6-3 and 6-4.

Rafael Nadal. Doc. Reuters
For the player nicknamed King of Clay , the victory before competing in the Grand Slam make her confidence increased. He desires to soon be on top of his appearance before the Australian Open in 2015 which starts on January 19.

"Starting the season with a title, though in the doubles still happy," Nadal said, as quoted Tennis.com , Monday (12/01/2015).

"I am training hard and I'll practice tomorrow. I am very motivated to get back into shape my best performance in a single number, "he added.

Prior to competing in Doha, Nadal also enliven the Abu Dhabi Exhibition. He came to Doha as defending champion in singles and was knocked out in the first round by the tennis player from Germany's Michael Berrer with 1-6, 6-3, and 6-4.
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Ferrer Focus Recovery for Australian Open

After winning the Qatar ExxonMobil Open ATP tournament in 2015, David Ferrer looked at the competition in the future with optimism, including competing in the ASB Classic and Heineken Open 2015 which started held January 12, 2015.

However, because of a physical condition that is not possible, the 32-year-old dissuade appear in the ATP tournament. Frenh Open runner-up in 2013 that he did not want to take the risk if forced to appear in the tournament which was held in Auckland, New Zealand.

That is because, on 19 January Ferrer ambitious perform at the event, which echoes a much more prestigious, the Grand Slam Australian Open 2015.

Men born in Alicante, Spain was indeed experiencing problems in his back while competing in Qatar last week. According to him, the young age is no longer made him unable to play in a lot of tournaments this year.

Ferrer Focus Recovery for Australian Open
Ferrer. Doc. Reuters
"When I played in two, three, or four games in a week, I will have problems. I was a little lower back inflammation. I had 32 years of age and a little more difficult to play in every party, "he said as quoted the SBS , Monday (01/12/2015).

In fact, Auckland enough to bring hockey tournament for Ferrer every time he wants to look at the Australian Open. Thanks to appear in Auckland, Ferrer successfully penetrate the semi-finals of the Australian Open in 2011 and 2013 and the quarter-finals in the 2008 edition, in 2012 and 2014.

However, age can not be fooled and he wants to restore the conditions for achievement in last season's tournament was won by the Stanislas Wawrinka.

"I want to win all the tournaments that I follow, I was always confident. But Doha is past and I want to restore my condition as soon as possible, "he explained.

Ferrer had just won the ATP Qatar ExxonMobil Open 2015, Sunday (01/11/2015) early morning, after beating Thomas Berdych in the final by a score of 6-4, 7-5.
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Destroy Cholesterol With Avocado

Avocado is a fruit that is familiar in the world. You often eat them directly with added sugar or juice made. Whichever way process, avocado is a fruit that is very delicious.

Reporting from healthmeup.com, a recent study conducted at Pennsylvania State University shows that eating avocados for daily consumption can reduce the risk of heart disease and lower cholesterol levels.

Destroy Cholesterol With Avocado

"Avocado including fruit that is rich in healthy fats in it. These fats are beneficial for lowering bad cholesterol levels in the body. The results of our study showed that after eating avocados regularly, then your cholesterol levels will go down as much as 13.5 mg / dL," Penny Kris-Etherton light, the leader of this research.

In addition to these results, the study also found that the avocado is rich in fiber, phytosterols, and polyphenols. Useful addition to lowering cholesterol, they also are able to help regulate blood sugar levels.
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3 Types Of Basic Yoga Postures For Beginners

If you are starting out as a beginner, here are 4 types of basic yoga postures you may consider if you like to improve your skills and take them to the next level. They are:

1. The Cobra

When starting out, follow these basic instructions.

Lay down with your face prone. Your legs should be placed next to each other together and straightened back with your forehead on to the floor. Place your hands with palms down, just beneath your shoulders.

Breathe in and elevate your head with your neck arched back. Then use your hands to thrust your trunk up til you are bending in a beautiful arc from your lower spine to the back of your neck.

You do not need to go further than this. However if you are resilient enough, you can now stretch out your arms totally while bending your legs at the knees and laying down your head back to touch your feet.

Even if your head does not go anywhere near your feet, go down as far as you can. All these while holding your posture with deep breathing.

Next, emerge yourself out of the posture very slowly before reverting back to your face prone posture.

Finally, relax with your head tilted to one side before repeating the whole process again. 

4 Types Of Basic Yoga Postures For Beginners

2. The Bow

This is is the more advanced version of the simple bow. It is amazing how many children can accomplish this straight away.

The first step is to lie down on your mat with your face prone.

If you possess a slim figure, get a thick padded mat for this one. Breathe in while holding your knees up.

Straighten back with your arms and grab hold of your ankles while placing your fingers and thumbs all together on the outside. Breathe in before raising your head and chest.

Next, pull at your ankles, lift your knees and thighs off the floor.

Inhale normally while kicking up your legs higher and lifting your head up.

Your body is now bent like a bow, juggling the weight of your body with your abdomen.

You have the choice to stop or continue but if you continue further, put down your hands across your legs. After which lift them higher, ensure your knees are together and recoil as much as you can.

Sustain for a few minutes of normal breathing before finally relaxing back into your face-prone position with your head tilted to one side.

3. The Shooting Bow

In Sanskrit this is also called Akarna Dhanurasana since one leg is stretched out like a shooting bow.

Sit with both legs straightened out in front and back straight. Next, stretch out with both hands and grip your feet, grabbing the right foot with your left hand and doing the same to your other foot and hand.

Breathe in, bend the left knee and move your foot across the body. Make sure it is close to your chest with your elbow pointed out before shifting} the body slightly to the right. Your left hand should remain firm and tight, gripping hold of the right foot.

Maintain your posture with normal breathing. Then release slowly and relax. After which rinse and repeat on other side. Your left hand holding your right hand and then the other way round. When this is easy, stretch down and hold the left foot with the right hand. Continue to pull on the left foot, lifting it higher on each exhalation.
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Public holiday shopping Push Junk Food

Health resolutions in 2015 most people want to lose weight. But according to a survey, many diet intentions fail, because of the difficulty of arranging post-holiday diet.

As reported by the Torontosun, a study published in the journal PLoS One, found that at the beginning of the new year, people still buy healthy foods. However, as this is also followed by the increase in the purchase of junk food as much as nine percent more than any other time of the year.

Public holiday shopping Push Junk Food

"(People) still take a more healthy items, but they also still buy favorite foods are less healthy holiday. We found their shopping basket contains more calories than usual," said researchers from the University of Vermont, Lizzy Pope.

The researchers recommend that consumers shop to make a grocery list to suppress the desire to spend. The study followed the shopping habits of more than 200 housewives in New York, from July 2010 until March 2011.
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Romanian footballer Adrian Mutu Retires

Romanian footballer Adrian Mutu announced the completion of sports career. It is reported by the Romanian portal Digisport.

"I do not intend to talk about football, I finished my career," - said the 36-year-old Mutu in an interview.

Forward advocated the "Fiorentina" from 2006 to 2011, playing 111 matches and scoring 54 goals.

Romanian footballer Adrian Mutu Retires
Adrian Mutu. Pic. Hi.ru
During his career, Romanian striker also played for clubs such as the Italian "Inter", "Juventus", "Parma", English "Chelsea". In 2004, in the analysis of a football player had traces of cocaine, followed by Londoners decided to terminate the contract with the striker, who received a seven-month disqualification.

For the national team of Romania Mutu has played 77 matches, 35 goals checking out.
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Victor Valdes Signed Manchester United

As had been expected, Manchester United finally announced the decision goalkeeper Victor Valdes with a free transfer.

Reported by the club's official website, the Spanish players who carry the banner of Barcelona's old contracted for 18 months with an option to extend one year.

Valdes became a free agent after his contract runs out at the Camp Nou last season. In the past two months, he trained with the squad United while restoring physical condition pascacedera serious knee. Manager Louis van Gaal in the end decided to sign him.

Victor Valdes Signed Manchester United
Victor Valdes. Pic. Gettyimages
"It is a great honor to be able to join Manchester United. I would like to thank Louis van Gaal and club that allowed me to rehabilitate and train with the team at Aon Training Complex," said Valdes at his new club's official website.

"From the short time here I can already see that this is a very special club."

"I've worked with Louis van Gaal during Barcelona and to have the opportunity to work with him here, at Manchester United, is a dream come true."
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Know the Early Symptoms of Bone Cancer

Bone Cancer attack quietly. If you are the type of person who tends to neglect the light you deem offensive, you should start alert. Identification of these diseases by recognizing the symptoms early.

1. Pain
You feel pain because cancer cells put pressure on the nerves and tissue in the bone. Part bone cancer often is legs, spine, ribs, and hip area. Pain can also arise in the form of back pain caused by pressure around the spinal cord. If the identified late can cause total damage on your body frame system. "Pain is the most common symptom of bone cancer, but not all causes of bone cancer pain," said dr. Ronald Sp.PD-KHOM legal, medical specialist in medical oncology hematology consultant from Dharmais Cancer Hospital.

Know the Early Symptoms of Bone Cancer

2. lumps and swelling of bone
Lump or swelling may appear when you hit a hard object. But, if not also lost despite having undergone treatment for one more week, you should go to the doctor. "Pain and swelling that does not go away, the sign is needed medical role to investigate the cause," said dr. Ronald.

3. Weight loss and decreased appetite
According to dr. Ronald, these symptoms are present in all types of cancer, including bone cancer. You have to be careful if you experience either of the two previous symptoms, accompanied by a decrease in appetite. In fact, your weight can decrease drastically. "The growth of cancer cells in the body leads to weight loss that is not fair," he said.

4. Bones weakened
Cancer cells can weaken the bones and nerves in the affected areas. For example, you're doing a pretty strenuous activity, you will feel the bones are too weak to move. Tensions much larger bones can force you to rest awhile before returning the move.

5. Fever, nausea and vomiting
Fever, nausea and vomiting can occur as a result of increased levels of calcium in the blood. This occurs because of leakage due to injuries to bone cancer. You still need to be aware of the symptoms, especially if you feel one or even all four previous symptoms.
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Atletico Back Stronger than Real Madrid

Atletico Madrid beat Real Madrid, 2-0, in the first leg of the last 16 of the Copa del Rey at the Vicente Calderon, Madrid, Wednesday (01/07/2015). It became the third successive victory achieved over city rivals Atletico.

Previously, beating Atletico Madrid 1-0 at the second meeting of the Spanish Super Cup on August 22, 2014. Then, re-conquer Atletico Madrid in the Primera Division at the Santiago Bernabeu, Sept. 13.

In the game this time, Fernando Torres directly played as a core player by coach Diego Simeone. While in camp Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo actually have to sit on the bench.

The game has been running one minute, Madrid opened the scoring opportunities. Sergio Ramos header from Gareth Bale's cross almost broke into the host's goal if not rescued in January Oblak.

Atletico Back Stronger than Real Madrid

In the 13th minute, could actually nets thrilling Madrid Atletico. However, Bale's goal disallowed because the referee Clos Gomez Bale first judge to be in an offside position.

Snapped the attack of Madrid, Los colchoneros tried to retaliate. In the 22nd minute, Atletico got a big chance by Antoine Griezmann.

The Frenchman was faced with the goalkeeper Keylor Navas. However, Raphael Varane clean tackle right on the ball and frustrate golden opportunity Griezmann. Until the break, the score remained 0-0.

Entering the second half, Atletico could finally opened the scoring with a penalty Raul Garcia in the 58th minute. Awarded a penalty after Sergio Ramos is considered attractive Raul Garcia in the penalty box.

After the goal, Simeone Torres pulling out to be replaced by Koke. As a result, Atletico playing without a pure striker Mario Mandzukic to be included in the 75th minute.

Before that, Madrid had already make a substitution. Ronaldo, who at the beginning of the match on the bench, played to replace James Rodriguez in the 63rd minute.

Disastrous apparently turned back to Madrid minute after entering Mandzukic. From dead ball situations are the mainstay of Atletico, Jose Gimenez headed the ball into the goal Madrid thanks to bait a corner Koke.

The match ended 2-0 to Atletico. Los Blancos home with heavy duty reverse the score in the second meeting later that took place at the Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid, Thursday (15/01/2015).


Atletico Madrid: 13-Jan Oblak; 18-Jesus Gamez, 2-Diego Godin, 24-Jose Gimenez, 28-Lucas Hernandez; 14-Gabi Fernandez, 4-Mario Suarez; 17-Saul (10-Arda Turan 68), 8-Raul Garcia, 7-Antoine Griezmann (9-Mario Mandzukic 75); 19-Fernando Torres (6-Koke 59)

Coach: Diego Simeone

Real Madrid: 13-Keylor Navas; 17-Alvaro Arbeloa (15-Daniel Carvajal 83), 2-Raphael Varane, 4-Sergio Ramos, 12-Marcelo; 6-Sami Khedira, 8-Toni Kroos; 11-Gareth Bale, 23-Isco, 10-James Rodriguez (7-Cristiano Ronaldo 63); 9-Karim Benzema (20-Jese 75)

Coach: Carlo Ancelotti

Referee: Clos Gomez
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Natural Ways to Lose Weight while Breastfeeding

Lactation is the right time to lose weight after giving birth. This is because breast-feeding can help mothers lose weight. However, the mother also should keep watching your diet and healthy physical activity.

Diet by limiting the amount of eating well during lactation. Studies show that, when nursing mothers, at least 300 calories burned. It means you're more likely to feel hungry. So it was not the right time to starve yourself.

Along with a healthy diet, you can try other tips to lose weight during lactation. As quoted from Boldsky, Wednesday (01/07/2015).

Natural Ways to Lose Weight while Breastfeeding
Natural Ways to Lose Weight while Breastfeeding. Pict. Boldsky

Eating healthy foods

Make sure you eat healthy foods on a regular basis. In addition, provide a healthy snack for in between meals consumption primary. With this, you will be able to control hunger and helps in weight loss.

Many drinking water

You need to stay hydrated by drinking enough water during the day. If you are active in sports on the sidelines during lactation, it is important for you to stay million hydrated. You will still get the energy for lactation, and lose weight at the same time.


Tummy tuck is a good exercise performed after delivery to improve the shape of the stomach stretched. You can consult with your doctor or health consultant. However, you can also keep doing physical exercise such as high-intensity interval at home to reduce excess weight.


Walking is a simple step to lose weight after giving birth. Perform this exercise with ease, take the kids for a walk around the neighborhood for a while is a good idea.
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Main way free of Opium Drugs

Does have the effect of opiate drugs for its users. However, users or drug addicts actually be freed from the bondage of drugs it.

According to psychologist Melly Puspita Sari, Psi, M, NLPm, the most important way to escape from drug dependence is the support of the family. For example, if the wife or husband dealt drugs, one of which must be persuaded to be rehabilitated.

"Could not ask for help other family members to persuade that other family members can not. Then, please come to BNN to consult and coordinate, "he told Okezone.

Main way free of Opium Drugs
Family. Pic. Newbeginning

Nevertheless, the role of the family members do not end there. However, users also need to be motivated to get back healthy life.

"It must be sincere when rehabilitated and entrusted to the situation. If there are rules for the renovation dijenguk not, "added the Head of Advocacy Section of Prevention BNN Riau Islands.
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"Whole Grain" Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Whole grain aka whole grains are a source of healthy fiber that is proven to reduce the risk of heart disease. Whole grain may be obtained in the form of cereals, oatmeal, whole meat bread, or crackers.

People who regularly eat whole grains is known to live longer and avoid heart disease. However, there is no evidence to suggest the consumption of whole grains can prevent cancer.

A recent study of the link between whole grains with heart disease is delivered by a team from Harvard University. The study involved 74,000 women and 44,000 men from the mid 1980s until 2010.

"Whole Grain" Lower Risk of Heart Disease

The more often someone mengasup whole grains, the lower the risk of heart disease. On average respondents in this study consume about 28 grams of whole grains each day.

Other studies show that regular consumption and limit the consumption of whole Cereal grains are milled, can reduce the size of abdominal fat to 10 percent smaller.
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