Really Male Age 40 Years Vulnerable Premature Ejaculation?

Men adults over the age of 40 years often experience premature ejaculation problems. Why is that?

Disclosed Professor Dr. Doug Lording from Melbourne's Cabrini Hospital, the age of men, will more often experience erectile dysfunction due to a variety of underlying factors.

That factor is the condition of one's energy body weakened, which also affects the sexual life. Moreover, the decline in male vitality, health penis until the problem is not harmonious family relationships.

Premature Ejaculation

However, there are other ideas expressed in this study. To avoid this problem, since young men are often advised to have sex with a regular partner (wife). Or a vaccine to prevent premature ejaculation that exist only in western countries.

Unfortunately, the statement was not based on solid scientific evidence.But, Lording said, there is something in it that since active young sex, order to avoid premature ejaculation.

"I think having sex since the young active can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction in the elderly. However, to assure him that it takes a strong scientific evidence," Lording said, as quoted by ABC , Friday (22/01/2015).
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