The Easy Way To Resolve Quickly Tired

You often feel tired? Don't worry, because you are not alone. According to research data that are reported by, 5% to 7% of patients in the general practitioner complaining of tired, exhausted, and achy. But what causes a sense oftired and how to increase your energy level naturally? Let's discuss.

Rarely it occurred to us, a sense of tired turns out could be triggered by a combination of a number of problems on the wrong lifestyle, such as diet, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalance and stress. If this is the case, it is actually not difficult toovercome my tired. Following a number of trick:

Eating for energy

A number of nutrition experts explain how important the daily eating patterns set to keep energy in order to remain at a normal level. Among the bustle, the body muststill get food intake with enough calories so strong all day. Do not skip meals andchoose complex carbohydrates to avoid the fall of blood sugar which can lead to tired and dazed.

Make sure you eat plenty of B vitamins that your body needs to convert food into energy as of B complex vitamin supplement or can be found in whole grains, such asbrown rice. Minerals are also important for energy, so it's important to eat plenty offoods that contain iron, like meat, green vegetables, nuts, and dried fruits.

Drinking patterns

What we drink also have an impact on the body's energy. Sweet drinks and caffeinemakes us feel tired more easily after removing the energy in daily activities. In addition, dehydration can also be the cause of fatigue and lost concentration. Then, the solution is drinking lots of plain water. Add mint, basil, lemon or cucumber can make your drinks a little more attractive without compromising freshness.

Reduce stress

Feeling tired is not only due to the problem of nutrition. Stress also can be the cause.The stress draining emotions and also made a weak body, that's what causes us to feel tired easily when subjected to pressure.


If anything goes wrong with the condition of your body because it always felt tired, it is worth quickly saw a doctor to know exactly your problem. It is important to keep in mind when there is a problem of serious illness. So, always visit your doctor regularly.

Do not let a sense of tired that improperly interfere with your activities. Please try the above ways to overcome Your fatigue.
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The Ill Effects Of A Hot Bath For Skin Health

Hot water is known to many provide benefits on health. Not uncommon to use hot water when bathing and washing the face into a lot of beauty tips are recommended.But did you know it turned out that it was not medically justified? Hot water usage at the time of washing the face and also the bath is not recommended medically. Then what is the reason behind the hot water is not used for washing the face and bath?

Please note that the use of hot water continuously turns can cause the skin to be more sensitive. Hot water will result in the occurrence of fat coat layer removal (sebum) skin that serves as a skin moisturizer. The sebum to work by preventing excessive evaporation of water from the skin.

So, if the use of hot water is performed continuously, then it will happen is sebum will disappear and the skin becomes more sensitive. Skin prone to irritation due to loss ofskin moisturizing factor. A recurring irritation would make damage to the skin. A recurring irritation would make damage to the skin. The damage that will accelerate the onset of wrinkles on the face.

Another danger is the use of hot water to wash their face and bath is ease the rise ofallergies on the skin. This is because the protective coat of fat/sebum was lost causing chemicals easily result in allergic reactions and irritation to the skin that is not shielded sebum. When kurit carded, then scraping it will make cuts so that the woundwill also facilitate the occurrence of infection by bacteria or fungus on the skin. therefore, we recommend not using hot water as washing advance and bath for all ages, especially in infants and the elderly because on babies and seniors, there isrelatively less sebum.

Then how about bath sauna? Currently many offer beauty therapy using hot water,one is the bathroom sauna. Many of the benefits that are offered from the technique, among other promising the body become more healthy and interesting. With the feel of the heat inside a closed room, considered toxins in the body will come outsimultaneously with sweat. A sense of tired pun is lost and the appearance is nottangled again. In this bathroom sauna is also not justified. This is because the heat can also damage the skin.

Then like what exactly the water that justified in using them? Keep in mind that wateris good for use as face wash or bath is lukewarm water (warm), i.e. roughly in a temperature of 37 ° c. so, safe water is used for bathing and washing the face is waterat room temperature. To wash their face and take a shower, the hot water is not permitted for any age group. Safer for skin care, body skin care tips the following are recommended:
  • When washing face or showering should use water to room temperature.
  • The bath should not long, that is not a soak.
  • Wear the SOAP not alkalis (pH balance) as it will not damage the layer of sebum.
  • Do not do bathroom sauna because it turns the heat can damage the skin of our body.
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