Get to know your child, classified as Type A or Type C?

In Occupational Therapy theory, every human being can fall into two types, namely type A or type C. Meanwhile, type B is a central part or balance of both type A and C.

Type A is formed in children when parents underestimate the importance of a child in a relationship with their child. The child needs to be competitive with the needs of parents. Negative attributes such as, "Do not you dare look at me like that," replacing sensitivity.

As a result, children learn to restrain and suppress such feelings as they experience rejection, anger, and disapproval. In addition, many women who do not deal directly but was raised by her maid.

Most caregivers rarely come or came after a long crying baby until the baby was already desperate. Sometimes the caregiver is busy with other things and do not pay attention to the needs of the baby at all.

Get to know your child, classified as Type A or Type C?

"Babies are often left to cry until they stop themselves. Or some other caregivers respond immediately, but angry and upset to speak loudly, touch, and took the baby abrupt or rude," says Expert Neurobiological and Occupational Therapists World, Kim Barthel, in seminar "The Behavioral Detective: Evidence and Art" 2nd day in Vocational Education, University of Indonesia (UI), Depok, West Java, on Sunday (01/04/2014).

Obviously, negative feelings such treatment increased harmony. In infants aged three months, brain maturation enables it to inhibit the attitude and behavior of these babies were given negative emotions.

Meanwhile, type C is formed as a parent respond feelings of their children in a way that sometimes pleases or does not care about their children. Children optimize their chances of getting a response parent. Children with type C is also sensitive to the danger.

"Responding to the threat to the feeling of safety, against any excessive flattery to satisfy the desire for comfort and soothe them, sometimes type C is formed because the parents do not focus when listening to the feelings of their children to get attention," he concluded.
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