Main way free of Opium Drugs

Does have the effect of opiate drugs for its users. However, users or drug addicts actually be freed from the bondage of drugs it.

According to psychologist Melly Puspita Sari, Psi, M, NLPm, the most important way to escape from drug dependence is the support of the family. For example, if the wife or husband dealt drugs, one of which must be persuaded to be rehabilitated.

"Could not ask for help other family members to persuade that other family members can not. Then, please come to BNN to consult and coordinate, "he told Okezone.

Main way free of Opium Drugs
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Nevertheless, the role of the family members do not end there. However, users also need to be motivated to get back healthy life.

"It must be sincere when rehabilitated and entrusted to the situation. If there are rules for the renovation dijenguk not, "added the Head of Advocacy Section of Prevention BNN Riau Islands.
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