Drinking green tea mandatory at this 5 time

Benefits will green tea for health has been widely known. Drinking this tea on a regular basis to reduce weight, fade cholesterol and bad fats, to improve the overall health of the body.But did you know that drinking green tea at the right time does not make you do not get the properties? Reporting from magforwomen.com, here is the right time to drink green tea. 

After eating 

green tea is able to provide the best benefits if you drink after a meal. Especially if you add lemon juice into it useful in expediting the process of digestion. 


If this is your first taste of green tea, you are advised to drink while eating. Because drinking green tea on an empty stomach can be hard for your body. 

green tea
Illustration of green tea. Shutterstock / kuleczka

Although good for health, but do not drink green tea at night. Because it can disrupt your sleep patterns because of the caffeine content in it.

After breakfast 

If you need a shot of caffeine in the morning, avoid to drink green tea before breakfast. Drinking green tea at least 30 minutes after your breakfast. 

Not an empty stomach 

Never drink green tea when your stomach is empty. Because it can harm your digestive health. In addition to the above time, green tea also can you drink while hot air or cold air. When the hot air, then drinking green tea can hydrate your body well. But if cold or rainy season, then your immune system will increase because of drinking green tea.
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